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Maple Grove Cemetery is a lovely and historic, 65-acre rural cemetery located in Kew Gardens in the Borough of Queens, New York City. Maple Grove is a vital, active cemetery that offers many options for burial of your loved one. The not-for-profit, non-sectarian Maple Grove Cemetery Association, which operates the cemetery, was organized in 1875. We have a long-standing reputation for providing caring, sensitive services for families and funeral directors.

 Over the years, Maple Grove has played a key role in the development of local Queens County communities. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places we are actively exploring our past and the lives of those who have been laid to rest here.

 Maple Grove Cemetery’s beautiful grounds welcome families and visitors into a world of peace and tranquility. Part of our mission is to preserve this serenity, while offering meaningful options to families who choose this resting place for their loved ones. Our new Lakeview Memorial Garden serves as a place of comfort and inspiration and offers new ways for meeting the needs of present and future generations. Recently, Maple Grove Cemetery started construction of an 18,000 square foot Center at Maple Grove, which will embody the notion of paying tribute to life, inspiration and remembrance.

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