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There are many options for interment when you choose
Maple Grove Cemetery as a final resting place


Choose from Many Beautiful Resting Places
The Center - Columbarium Niches

 Memorial Niches at The Center 

With an atmosphere of peace and quiet dignity, the Memorial Niche Room at The Center offers families an indoor location for inurnment, as well as a place of reverence and respect  for interment services, remembrance events and life celebrations.  The handsomely appointed room is distinguished by columbarium walls and lit glass front niches that display personal items alongside the cinerary urns and included bronze memorial marker. In the Center itself, a tranquil waterfall and a family room with working hearth create a calm sanctuary.  Choosing The Memorial Niche Room  for cremains ensures that future generations will have a convenient, comfortable place to go to honor and remember your loved one. 

Rememberance Garden - Internment

 Remembrance Garden

Nestled in a garden setting with towering trees and nearby lake, Remembrance Garden features architecturally striking polished granite mausoleum crypts integrated with an elegant columbarium for cremated remains, as well as, plots for in-ground burial of cremated remains. The face of the polished granite is inscribed with the memorialization of your loved one.  
Interment-Memorial Gardens.jpg

 Lakeview Memorial Garden

Lakeview Memorial Garden incorporates  granite memorial walls where the name of loved ones can be inscribed. Surrounding the wall is a magnificent garden.   In-ground plots are available in front of the wall for casket burial and for the interment of cremated remains.  A portion of the wall has niches that can accommodate above-ground cremated remains. Located within view of our lake and fountain, this memorial garden is truly a beautiful sanctuary and refuge where families can gather to remember the ones they love.



Bronze Markers

  Memorial Park

A verdant park-like garden with graves marked by classic bronze plaques. Vistas of majestic old trees, natural scenery, sparkling lake and fountain create a sense of serenity with dignity and peace. Plots available for in-ground full size burials or smaller plots for cremated remains.
Historical Section1.jpg
Historical Monument Section

The earliest sections of Victorian landscaping with family plots and impressive upright granite memorials from the 19th century. Plots in this area are limited.  Sections include:  Maple, Linden, Prospect, Central, Summit, South Border, Liberty Garden and Bell Garden.

Choosing Cremation

Over the years cremation has become has become a widely accepted alternative to in-ground casket burial.  The process of cremation reduces the body to ashes (called cremains) that can be maintained at a cemetery. While Maple Grove does not perform cremation, we do offer options for for urn interment (inurnment). When you place cremains at Maple Grove Cemetery, you are ensuring that future generations will have a place to visit to honor and remember your loved one.

Choose from several beautiful gardens and parks to inter cremations below  ground and, in some cases, above:
  • Memorial Park
  • Lakeview Memorial Gardens
  • Remembrance Gardens
Columbarium Niches
Maple Grove has an indoor state-of-the-art Columbarium, located at The Center, with a variety of sizes of niches to house urns and personal items that memorialize loved ones.  The beautiful glass-front niches provide a dignified and attractive resting place for cremated remains.
Scattering Ashes
Should you choose to scatter the ashes  elsewhere, there are options to memorialize your loved one permanently at Maple Grove.

Choosing In-Ground Burial

A traditional in-ground  casket burial can vary from an individual grave to a family plot.  Maple Grove Cemetery offers a variety of options for you to consider depending on your location preference and type of memorialization desired. 

  • Memorial Park - bronze marker is flat, level with the ground - with or without a vase
  • Historical Monumental Section - granite upright monuments
  • Lakeview Memorial Gardens - flat marker
  • Remembrance Garden - Inscription on adjacent granite wall

PLEASE NOTE: Currently full body grave sales in the Memorial Park sections are limited to our existing families and immediate need. 

Choosing a Mausoleum   

A mausoleum crypt offers an above-ground option for burial. The front of the mausoleum space becomes your monument when your name or that of a family member is inscribed.